Portland/Buxton/ Cannon Beach

While camping near Mt. St. Helens, we met a fellow camper who recommended us to a  great trailer repair shop in Portland. Back near the Straits of Juan de Fuca, we had realized that our trailer tires were improperly wearing - a sign that our axles may be having trouble. So we took the repair shop info, made a appointment for a couple of weeks out, and headed off towards Portland. 

With Memorial Day weekend coming up, we knew that Oregon campgrounds were going to be slammed, so we thought camping in the city might work in our favor. Britt had been to Portland before, and had done a lot of the touristy things - Powell Books, the Rose Garden, Forest Park, Stumptown Coffee, Organic Brew Fest ect., so this time around, we took our long, rainy weekend to explore some of the smaller neighborhoods and met up with a friend to grab some Laurelwood Workhorse. 

After Memorial Day weekend, we had about a week go to before our appointment, and we decided to head out to the woods of Buxton Oregon. L.L Stewart State Park was a little off our path, but offered miles of awesome bike bike riding and hiking trails. Thanks to all the hard workers among the Northwest Trail Alliance and Rails to Trails for allowing us to enjoy this! Nick was also stoked because the park allowed for campfires, something Washington and Oregon had been banning lately due to the forest fires. 

While here, we were also able to check out Cannon Beach, Haystack rock, Indian Beach and Ecola State Park. We loved Ecola State Park, with the green, lush, Sitka forest, next to the sandy beaches overlooking the Sea Stacks in the Pacific Ocean. Cannon Beach was a little crowded, as many people were visiting to see the popular Haystack Rock, but was beautiful none the less. 

Britt was able to head down to Hug Point for the day and found a little seasonal waterfall that flowed right into the ocean. 

For our repair appointment, we were able to camp 10 minutes away, at a city park in Oregon City. While the spots were cramped, we were right on a river, with a bike trail and green space all around us. At the repair appointment , we learned that our axles were in need of being replaced, and it would be another couple of weeks to come in, so we decided to head towards Bend and figure things out there.  Onward to Bend!