Florence and Port of Brookings Harbor, Oregon

We left Bend on a Friday, knowing that we wanted to check out the Oregon Dunes before heading into California. The 40 miles of dunes are separated into three sections for ATV riding. The Winchester Bay Dunes, The Oregon Dunes, and Florence. Brittany read that there had been a lot of accidents at the Winchester Bay Dunes, as they were the tallest, and Florence offered dunes with mini lakes in the middle. We decided on Florence, and took off towards a free camping spot at a casino. As we pulled into Florence, a hurricane was occurring 300 miles out in the ocean, bringing in the wind and rain to the shores. Nick decided it looked like a good day to stay inside and work instead, so we chose the Honeyman State Park with hookups.

The weather finally cleared up on Monday, and we started to look into ATV rentals. Turns out, Florence's one rental company had horrible reviews, and Winchester Bay had a company with better ones. So, we headed out to tackle the 500 foot tall Windchester dunes. While we both have ridden ATVs before in Ohio, Moab, and Whistler, Brittany had heard the Razors were a little safer on the sand. The company we rented from was out the individual Razors, and only had a double seater, and we hesitantly chose it. The dunes were so beautifully crafted, and also quite enormous. As you reach the top of one, you have to turn to your right to look down it, making sure its an approachable drop off. Some dunes just go straight down without warning, and many people get in rough accidents from falling. The dunes were fun, and we took turns driving, but we should have gone with two ATV's instead, or Nicks original plan, a dirt bike.  After shredding on the dunes we stopped over at the Salmon Harbor Marina to a little seafood restaurant inside a boat. And Nick ordered tater tots.

Its been our Summer routine to pack up and leave on Sunday afternoons, arriving at a new campground when the weekend crowds leave. As we get further into October, we are loving the emptiness of the campgrounds, and the ability to show up whenever we want.  This week, we picked up camp on a Wednesday, heading to the Port of Brookings Harbor. We are also speeding things up as we need to get into Colorado by December 1st. There was no real reason for choosing the harbor other than it was off highway 101, and the campground sat right off the ocean. The price for the ocean view was a little more than we like to spend, but it was so nice having the beach in your front yard and falling asleep and walking up the sounds of the waves crashing.  

The California Redwoods are next on our list as we make our way through California, and towards CO!