The California Redwoods

The California Redwoods are protected and shared among California State Parks and The National Parks, spanning all the way down the pacific coast of CA.  As we headed south from Oregon , we knew we did not have time to see all of the redwoods, and had to make a choice on one section to check out.  Ultimately we decided on Humboldt State Park. The location of the park allowed us to get south like we needed, offered us a nice stretch of redwoods to check out, and was located right off the 101. There were a handful of campgrounds in the area, but the challenge was finding one with cell connection. We checked out 3 campgrounds before finding one that worked and was located right in Myers Flat, off 101. 

Soon after our arrival to the campground, we started noticing a distinct smell. After checking with the campground host, we learned that the conditions of the area were perfect for growing both Redwoods and marijuana. Turns out the neighborhood surrounding our campground was filled with gardens growing the mary jane. Brittany had been to the area with her friends about a month ago and was happy to learn a favorite little organic coffeehouse was right around the corner. We spent a couple of days exploring the forest including the Founders Grove and the Avenue of the Giants. Buford loved rolling around on the soft forest floor and running through the maze of trees with us. 

While we normally don't leave a location during the work week, we knew we had to move along. So we packed up camp on Wednesday and headed east towards Lake Tahoe. The plan was to find a spot along the scenic Clear Lake, but after learning the prices of campgrounds in the area (and the additional charges for having a dog), we nixed the idea. Instead, we found some fairgrounds in Colusa, CA that offered full hookups for $20 a night. While there was pretty much nothing to do in the area, it worked well for a couple of nights. On our first evening at the fairgrounds, we started hearing some loud noises. Brittany opened up a window to hear loud shouts, banging pots and pans, and gun shots. She quickly realized that the gunshots were from a audio track and that the fairgrounds were hosting a haunted house. We thought the situation was pretty funny and had a good laugh. 

Where to next. We have a little over a month to get to Denver and know we can't explore all of California. Nick was content heading to Tahoe, getting some skiing in, and heading east to Colorado from there. Brittany really wanted to get back into a National Park and especially one that Muir held in such high regard. Brittany eventually won the debate and we are on our way south towards Yosemite!