We found snow!

On our first night in Tahoe, it snowed 12 inches up on Mt. Rose and 4 inches down by our R.V. Nick was in heaven. He went right out to buy a snow shovel and climbed on up the RV to clear us off. He seriously has been waiting for this moment our whole trip. 

We were stoked to visit our friend James who lives in Tahoe, and he recommend us checking out the Emerald Bay State Park. There was some construction going on in the Park, but we were able to hike a couple miles to check out Vikingsholm. Vikingsholm is Scandinavian Castle built in 1928, and was one of the first summer homes built in Tahoe. In the summer you can tour the Castle, but alas, it was closed. 

From there, we drove around the entire lake, stopping at different viewpoints and a burrito stand. As we got close to the North side of the lake, dark clouds started approaching, and it grew chillier and the waves more choppy. Nick grabbed a couple pictures and we set out to meet James for dinner. 

James and Nick grew up riding together at the Flow Skatepark in Columbus, and were stoked to be able to get some riding time in together, before James took off for Thailand.. Nick was even more happy to learn that Woodward Tahoe was only 10 minutes from our campground. 

While we were pumped that our Epic Ski Pass covered a couple of resorts in Tahoe, most of them didn't open up until Saturday, the day we had to head out. Boreal Mountain at Woodward was one of the first to open for the season, so we just bought a day pass there, and we were happy to get our first ski day in for the year. 

We've decided that we definitely want to come back and ski Tahoe in the spring, and are bummed to leave it behind. Onward to Salt Lake.