Canmore, Alberta

The drive from K country to Canmore was so uplifting. The sun was shining, the Canadian Rockies were on both sides of us and we only had a short drive to go. Canmore is a little  town right outside of Banff. We chose to stop there for a few days because Nick had heard how bike friendly they were. Within the little town, we found an impressive BMX friendly concrete park, 3 skill parks, and endless amounts of biking trails. The Nordic Center within Canmore, hosted the 1998 Olympics, and has acres of land dedicated to mountain bike trails.

It seems that every lake or pond in Alberta is green or blue. On one of our hikes, we walked up alongside a waterfall (and a bike trail)  to two aqua colored lakes. Surrounding the lake were trees and large rock walls that were being climbed by both humans and mountain goats. Further up the mountain were caves that climbers spent the night in and bouldering platforms made from lumber. We were in love.