Park City, Utah

We pulled into Park City with it looking like mud season, just as Breck was getting slammed with snow, and we were feeling bummed. Brittany had committed to a preschool teaching position with Vail in Park City, so we had to stick it out and hope for more snow. 

Our month in Park City went by pretty fast, as we both had pretty busy work schedules. Nick had committed to a couple projects, and was working around the clock. Park City was short staffed, so Brittany had dedicated herself to working full time, and was picking up extra hours on top of that. In between the adulting stuff,  we were trying to shove in time to hit the mountains, which was our main goal of being there. 

During our stay in Park City, we were really lucky to be surrounded by awesome friends.  Kyle came out to visit us from the OH and shred some mountains. Kyle recently bought a Toyota Dolphin and is completely restoring/rebuilding it from the tires up, so it was fun swapping RV stories. He also happens to be super rad snowboarder and photographer, and we found his week here went by too fast.  Our friend Eric has lived in Salt Lake for the past 5 years , and it was great to catch up with him on the mountains. 

This was a pretty big month for us. We celebrated living in our trailer full-time for one year this month! We also traded in our Tundra, for a van. Yay! 

Brittanys ultimate dream setup has been a 4x4 van towing an Airstream. The van makes so much sense, as we have a large, lazy dog. The van is going to (and already has) allow us to take him with us on long excursions, and provide a comfortable climate for him. We will be able to camp places the trailer can not go, and not have to worry as much about him. Something we are really excited about is the ease of driveway crashing. When we visit home, Buford is not always welcome in some spaces, and we get it. The van will allow us, and Buford, our own space, and yet, we are still close to friends and family. Right now its pretty cool out, so we feel comfortable leaving Buford in the van, but we will soon be adding fans in the roof and insulation to ensure it stays extra cool for him in the summer. 

So, Brittany's dream has been the van, pulling an airstream. Nick was on board, but we were pretty comfortable with our current Tundra/Springdale trailer setup. They were payed off, we were on top  of/ knew of any issues ect. We were comfortable. Then, we saw a friends converted Dodge Ram Promaster  in Salt Lake. We loved all his storage for his activities! He had dedicated spaces for all of his climbing gear, bikes, ski equipment ect. He was ready for fun wherever he went. So, Brittany started to casually look into 4 wheel drive vans and 4 wheel drive conversion kits. There just so happened to be a pretty reputable conversion company in Salt Lake, so we went on over to ask some questions and learn a bit more. While there, the owner showed us two different vans for sale that they had already converted into 4 wheel drive. We thought they were cool, but we were more interested in finding a van, and doing all the work ourselves.

Then, we went van shopping. When we first started, we were more interested in newer vans. We needed something reliable to tow our home across the country.We didn't care so much for the high top sprinters, we liked the stealth look of a regular, low top, cargo van.  Then, we started to crunch the numbers, and we realized how expensive converting a newer van was going to be. Which brought us thinking back to the two vans we first saw, that were already converted. While they weren't exactly what we wanted, we would save $15,000 -$20,000 right off the get go. The more we looked into other options, the more we realized what a cool opportunity these other 2 vans were. It was nice getting to know the guys at the company, and we trusted the work they did. 

So, we decided to go for it! We put the Tundra up for sale, but ultimately just decided to sell it to Carmax. Being out of state, and on a somewhat tight deadline, it was the easiest route to go. We then got a new, stronger, tow hitch installed, a new brake controller, and we crossed our fingers it would tow comfortably. First stop, Moab!