Moab, Utah

After we left Park City, we decided to chill out and go "off grid" for a bit. We found a couple of uncrowded, free, camping spots in Moab and decided to make one of them our basecamp.


While in Moab, we had awesome company. Our new friends Amanda and Tim, were kind enough to share a large boon docking area with us, and we were able to fit in a hike with them before they took off towards Minnesota. Donny and Dana, drove over from Colorado, and we got to camp and hang with them for a week. Using a generator, we were able to drag a tv out in the desert, and watch "127 hours" under the stars. Our friend Heather, from Park City, was able to come visit for a weekend, and together with her friends, we all explored a new trail in Arches National Park. Eric and Lauren from Salt Lake City drove on down to mountain bike for the weekend, and we tent camped on one of the windiest nights of the year. We are still finding Moab sand in our camping gear from that trip.  While we had visited Moab a couple of years ago, friends and the gift of time made this visit pretty rad. 

We were able to dry camp, off solar power, in Moab, for 18 days and it was so nice not being confined to a park. From here, our travels will take us back to OH for a wedding, and to get started on our van conversion. Nick's dad has a full workshop and has kindly allowed us to use his tools for our conversion. Instead of our usual route back to OH, we decided to spice it up and test out our van dwelling needs!