bend, oregon round 2

After being reunited with Buford with Vancouver, we began to head towards Bend, Oregon for a couple of weeks. We love Bend for many reasons, but a big one for us is accessibility. Nick knew he was going to be busy on a project for the month, and wanted to be somewhere he could easily run out and find something to explore at the end of a work day. Plus, it didn't hurt that we have several friends in the area we were looking forward to catching up with. 

Before we got to Bend though, we had a date with Mt. Hood. We had briefly visited the mountain on our way up to Canada, and wanted to get some more quality time in. Unfortunately, upon arrival, it was raining and it continued on into the next day. But, the rain gave us a good excuse to check out the historic Timberline Lodge and chat with a handful of hikers seeking shelter from their trek on the PCT. 

Accepting defeat from the weather, we continued on to Bend, and to pick up our trailer that was in storage. Once we got settled in and set up, we met up with some of our nomadic friends Shannon and Dave and Kurt and Toni and grabbed some local brew. 

The last time we visited Bend, we never got around to climbing South Sister, or Bachelor, and wanted to change that. But first, Nick climbed Tumalo and got some night shots. The next day we headed up Mt. Bachelor, listening to the Browns football game on Nicks phone. 

While in Bend, we were stoked to meet up with our friend Alex to check out his new grip truck and hear about his new business venture. Alex's friends Daira and Ethan were in town from Portland, and it was awesome checking out their box van conversion project. Fiery late night conversations were had at Westside Tavern, and bad Mexican food was consumed at Taco Salsa.

Nick checked off South Sister from his to do list, Brittany got some solid yoga time in at the Yoga Lab, Smith Rock was further explored, and our bikes were put to good use throughout the city. Bend is always so good to us, and we hated leaving a week early, but our next winter adventure calls us eastward. Onward to Idaho.