What attracted us to this lifestyle was the simplicity and ability to do what we loved - being in nature, and living intentionally. Our mobile home allows us to find trails to ride,  water to kayak, mountains to climb and epic lines to ski, all in our backyard. 

We began this journey during the summer of 2013, when a wanderlust Brittany convinced a straight and narrow Nick that purchasing an RV would be a pretty great idea. After months and months of research, and almost buying an Airstream, we purchased our 26 foot Keystone Springdale travel trailer. Soon after, we hooked it up with some solar panels for dry camping, and we began planning our first trip. 

During the summer of 2014, we took a 40 day trip out west to further explore some of our favorite places including Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and South Dakota. While on the road, we met other inspiring people doing the full-time gig, who encouraged us to go after what we wanted. 

From there, we worked really hard. Nick, an animator and designer, became a freelancer and created his company We finished updating our home, sold it along with all our personal belongings, and moved into our RV fulltime! 

In May of 2016, after a little over a year of living and traveling full time in our RV,  we purchased a 4x4 van as our new tow vehicle. We built the inside out for extended, off grid, camping trips with our St. Bernard, Buford.

Thanks for following along, and we would love  to see you on the road!

Nick, Britt, and Buford.

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